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Naming Act

A big humanistic act: let's give our name to a disappeared migrant

Atto di Nominazione



Thousands and thousands migrants disappear into the waves of the sea, in the deserts and along the roads of the world. They die and often we don't even know their name, at most they are given a number. And if a body is recovered, often, on the grave there is just a number. Having a name is a right, it is the first dignity form of every human being. Don't let these people remain only a number, let's give them again a name. We ask you a naming act. Give symbolically your name to a number and you will give again dignity to an unlucky human being. It is easy, you have only to write your name on the form on the right. Yours will be a big humanity act.

Il mondo alla Campana

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The disappeared migrant

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