Naming Act

A big humanistic act: let's give our name to a disappeared migrant

Atto di Nominazione


The World at the Bell is a big installation exhibited at the Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti in Rovereto, Italy. It covers the internal rooms and the open spaces of the Foundation and tells the ninety years of history of the Bell of the Fallen, from its casting to the present time. This huge bell of over 23 tons rings in full peal 100 tolls every evening to remember the fallen of all the wars and for the peace in the world. It was cast with the bronze of the cannons offered by the belligerent countries, victors and vanquished, of the first world war and began to ring on 4 October 1925. One hundred countries and international institutions whose flags wave around it adhere to the Bell mission of remembrance and commitment for the peace.

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